Home sweet home

Home again. And we’ve had a busy few days.

First day back we went to Lyme Regis for the IOA’s (institute of archaeology) 15 year reunion. We missed the main event being in HK but managed to catch the tail end of it. It was nice to meet some of the big M & D’s old classmates, who were all bemoaning how old they’d got).

On Wednesday Uncle Eddy, who was over for the reunion, came to stay. I like him. He’s fun! On Thursday the Big M went to London so I spent the day with Big Ed (his uni nickname) and the Big D. We went for lunch on Ham Hill and I got to have a run around. Hooray!


Making friends and influencing people 

Yet again I’ve been spoilt rotten and the centre of attention! The big M’s Aussie friends have played with me ALL day. The big D had to go to the Chalke Valley so the big M, Fe, Gary and I took ourselves off to Ham Hill. We had a leisurely lunch (I ate my first scotch egg) and then went for a long walk. I had a fantastic time between running up hills, playing in the dirt, throwing stones, using Gary as my own personal chariot, stealing other children’s balls amongst others.

A truly lovely day…

Remembrance Hill

I’m up on Ham Hill near our house to see the war memorial and pay our respects.

It’s certainly a commemoration with a view.

We also passed the stone circle and quarry. Incidentally this is where the stone for our fireplaces came from.


Am looking forward to exploring all the paths. In the meantime, though, having a swift half before heading home to see if the water is working….