Art Attack

Yesterday I apparently spent a pleasant morning strolling the august corridors of the National Gallery in good company amongst Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, Stubbs etc. I say apparently as The Big M and D stupidly coincided the visit with my nap. Luckily, even when dozing pram-cam was on hand to capture the moment! Here I am with Hans Holbein the Younger’s The Ambassadors masterpiece. Personally I think the perspective of the pushchair is off, but what can I do, my parents are amateurs!


Now I was awake for a visit to the cafe. The Peyton and Byrne team were really friendly. The cakes were apparently delicious. I’m still too young for cake, but I did enjoy a carrot and tomato rice cake. Allegedly it was just as good as the sticky chocolate gateau, but I’m not convinced. The nice lady at the till gave me a ‘high-five’. I’m not sure what one is but I reckon it’s pretty cool.

The gallery was a good place to visit with the pushchair as there were loads of lifts, nice wide corridors, lovely clean baby changing facilities and its free, meaning I still have enough pocket money for Farley’s Rusks. Winner!