Gallopy, gallopy, gallopy

this week’s theme seems be transport. On Monday I blogged about my new car, today I’m on horseback (and apparently I only have one set of clothes, judging by this photo and the last one!)

This is Pedro, the new ‘pet’ of my best friend’s parents. They’ve got him for the imminent arrival of their new grandchild, but I thought only prudent to break him in. I loved him. I was very good at galloping. Can’t wait for the best time we go for lunch!!!

Just Horsing around

We spent the weekend at my godfather’s house in the New Forest. It was ace. Loads of slippery wooden floors to scoot around on, plump sofas to jump on and oodles of cushions to throw. Not to mention attention on tap. I’ll deffo come here more often!!

We went on an amble though the forest and found lots of these strange creatures that are much bigger than a dog and have lots of hair. I tried to talk to them but they weren’t that interested.

Then I spied one at the bottom of the garden. This one was much more amicable. His name was Roland and apparently he’s a pony. He blew air at me. Larger versions of him are called horses. We saw one or two of those on our walk as well. A very educational visit.

Sleepy Hollow

Given the sunny weather we went for a turn around the park land at Montacute House. It’s a gorgeous estate and I rode my trike amongst the trees. The wind was biting but we wrapped up warm. Lots of other people had the same idea. We saw loads of dog walkers and pushchairs. In the summer it must get really busy. The best bit though were the tyre swings which have been cut out to look like horses. I’m still a bit too young, but I reckon I’ll be big enough in a few months time. Given the headless horseman anyone would think we were in Sleepy Hollow!