Silver linings

To quote Mercutio from Romeo and Puke ‘a pox on both your houses’. Well there’s certainly a pox on our house today as I’ve been sent home from nursery with the chicken variety.

Not a happy bunny. Although I’ve discovered that I seem to be allowed ice pops (my favourite food) on tap – every cloud has a silver lining!


A friend indeed 

I’ve come to the conclusion that making friends is detrimental to your health. Every time I get together with some chums I get sick. So that’s it I’ve decided to become a hermit.

Feeling very sorry for myself today. Have got a raging fever, sore throat and chesty cough. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Wiffle the Sniffle

A bit of boring day today. I’m in the midst of my first sniffle and am feeling a bit under the weather so we’ve stayed in. The big D’s poorly too. The upside of being ill is that I’m not made to eat my main course and am allowed lots of yoghurts which are my favourite.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow for Playgroup.