On Sunday we went to the Nuffield Health gym in Yeovil on a free trial to try out the pool – mainly because the big M’s a wuss and thinks the Crewkerne and Yeovil leisure centre pools are too cold.

The main draw was the jacuzzi. The big m and I made a beeline for it pretty much immediately. And whilst not a patch on the ones in Hong Kong it was lovely and warm and bubbly. Just as we got settled and I was content catching the bubbles I was told I had to get out. Boo – apparently you have to be over 16 to use it. Rubbish rule! The pool was ok (and indeed significantly warmer than the aforementioned) but I don’t think we’ll be becoming members as all I wanted to do was swim in the jacuz! Never mind, only another 14 years to go.

Ideal home

Granny and grandad gave us some free tickets to the Ideal Home Show, so we popped across to Olympia to see what an ideal home looks like… It turns out nothing like ours!

We did, however, enjoy fantasy shopping for hot tubs, hydro swimming pools, garden chalets and posh kitchens.
We also walked past Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen which if my god-mother had been with us would have made her very happy! I thought he looked like he’d lost his fellow musketeers!