Roadtrip 3

We’ve had a busy few days. On Tuesday we drove to Leeds to visit my cousin, whilst the big M went to a meeting. Then yesterday we drove to Northamptonshire to stay with Granny and Granddad. They’ve got AMAZING new toys including a bubble machine, sand and water table and some duplo. Also in exciting news today the big m and d managed to buy a lawnmower (finally, we can mow the lawn!) whilst I went back to the swings!

Road trip #2

At time of writing we’re zooming along the M9 towards our destination – Cumbernauld.

After a lovely evening with my Aunty and Uncle and baby cousin, we left Leeds really early as the parentals wanted to stop off at Lindisfarne on the way. Unfortunately the Holy Island was pretty much shut. Nothing was open. But we had fun driving over the causeway and walking to the closed castle and closed priory.


Road trip!

We’re off on a road trip to Glasgow.
We got up super early (mainly because I was awake), ate breakfast and jumped in the car.

The M5 was all but empty. As is the M1 but we’re having to creep along as there are roadworks. Booo.

We’re breaking the journey to stay with my aunt and uncle near Leeds. Am looking forward to seeing my cousin. I’m hoping she’ll play clapping with me.