Home sweet home

After almost two weeks away in London and Ibiza it’s nice to be back home. I’ve missed all the toys and teddy bears that I couldn’t take with me. And as you can see I’ve got stuck right back in reacquainting myself with them all!

London calling

We swung by the Building Design Centre on Store Street as the Big D wanted some info on photovoltaic stuff. In the window they have a really cool scale model of London. You can see where I was born, where I used to live and the flat. Really cool. I love it!




Chaos at World Travel Market

Nothing like causing chaos and breaking the rules. The big D is speaking at the World Travel Market expo at eXcel so I thought I’d pop by to watch. As they say on family fortunes “ugh urrgghh”. Babies not allowed. However, being the charmer I am, I almost made it in, only to be denied at the final hurdle. Bah humbug is what I say.

Town v country

Things that have happened that wouldn’t happen in London:

1. A nice man gave us his car parking ticket
2. We drove round the village looking for our postman (and our post)
3. We had 3 separate conversations with strangers in the local pub in one sitting
4. A man offered us a lift when he passed us walking up a country lane

Bonkers for conkers

They (not sure who) say it’s good luck if a bird poos on you (although a seagull once did it’s business above my gran-gran and broke her nose… I don’t think she felt particularly lucky that day!). They also say it’s lucky to catch a falling leaf.

Today a conker fell on the hood of my buggy. Now this might not be an unusual occurrence in the depth of Devon, but I think it’s got to be a fairly uncommon thing to happen in central London! But low and behold there is a horse chestnut tree slap bang on the Pentonville Road.

I reckon that’s got to count for a bit of luck.


An Olympic journey

Even though I was but a twinkle in the Big D’s eye, today I got to experience a glimmer of the emotion and excitement that the Olympics brought to London in 2012.


The Museum of London has a portion of the Olympic cauldron on display and it’s amazing and much, much bigger than me! You can read about it here

I really hope one day I get to go to the Olympics, at the rate I’m growing maybe as a high jumper (!!), but in the meantime it’s well worth a visit.