Home sweet home

After almost two weeks away in London and Ibiza it’s nice to be back home. I’ve missed all the toys and teddy bears that I couldn’t take with me. And as you can see I’ve got stuck right back in reacquainting myself with them all!

Chaos at World Travel Market

Nothing like causing chaos and breaking the rules. The big D is speaking at the World Travel Market expo at eXcel so I thought I’d pop by to watch. As they say on family fortunes “ugh urrgghh”. Babies not allowed. However, being the charmer I am, I almost made it in, only to be denied at the final hurdle. Bah humbug is what I say.

Town v country

Things that have happened that wouldn’t happen in London:

1. A nice man gave us his car parking ticket
2. We drove round the village looking for our postman (and our post)
3. We had 3 separate conversations with strangers in the local pub in one sitting
4. A man offered us a lift when he passed us walking up a country lane

Bonkers for conkers

They (not sure who) say it’s good luck if a bird poos on you (although a seagull once did it’s business above my gran-gran and broke her nose… I don’t think she felt particularly lucky that day!). They also say it’s lucky to catch a falling leaf.

Today a conker fell on the hood of my buggy. Now this might not be an unusual occurrence in the depth of Devon, but I think it’s got to be a fairly uncommon thing to happen in central London! But low and behold there is a horse chestnut tree slap bang on the Pentonville Road.

I reckon that’s got to count for a bit of luck.


An Olympic journey

Even though I was but a twinkle in the Big D’s eye, today I got to experience a glimmer of the emotion and excitement that the Olympics brought to London in 2012.


The Museum of London has a portion of the Olympic cauldron on display and it’s amazing and much, much bigger than me! You can read about it here

I really hope one day I get to go to the Olympics, at the rate I’m growing maybe as a high jumper (!!), but in the meantime it’s well worth a visit.


Diamonds Are Forever

Today I saw my body weight in diamonds. I can’t imagine how much they were worth. It wasn’t surprising, therefore, that there were lots of scary looking besuited guards and a door that was about as thick as I am long! They were in the Moscow State Armoury along with a load of Faberge eggs (I was disappointed they weren’t the chocolate kind. Who wants a model of an egg for Easter? I mean really), some amazing ornate carriages, suits of armour and loads of clothes. Empress Catherine’s dresses were seriously thin, but I think Empress Anne must have been a bit of a fatty as her dresses were significantly wider at the the waist. I bet she preferred chocolate Easter eggs too!

We also queued in line to see a dead man. Confusingly he looked alive. He was called Lenin and was very important having implemented communism in Russia. He didn’t want to be immortalised but he was embalmed anyway against his wishes. Each year his friend, Ho Chi Minh, from Vietnam comes to stay. He didn’t want to be immortalised either. Lenin used to live in Tavistock Place and Percy Circus in London, both a hop, skip and a jump from my house. He also drank at the Queens Head on Acton Street, which is where I had my christening party. Clearly a man of good taste.

We met some lovely Chinese people in the queue. They loved me and took loads of photos of me and gave me strange stuff to eat and lots of tissues – I’m not sure why- but it was fun nonetheless. I also made some Russian friends in a shop. They wanted to hold me, squished my cheeks and clapped my feet together. Also a strange experience, but I let them get on with it as it seemed to make them happy!

We ate lunch at a beautiful restaurant called Cafe Pushkin, an old Russian tea house. There they gave me an amazing high chair which made me feel really important so I was in my best behaviour and didn’t make a peep all lunch.


Afterwards we went into The Kremlin. It was beautiful and incredibly serene. Lots of cathedrals and park land. There was also an enormous bell and a huge canon.

The canon (belonging to the Tsar) was almost a metre across the bore and the canon balls weigh over a tonne. The bell (also belonging to the Tsar) is the largest in the world weighing 202 tonnes. I’ve come to realise the Russians don’t do things by half! I like to think I saw President Putin looking out of a window, but I suspect I didn’t!


We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Yesterday we went on a family outing to London Zoo. The Big M&D are members so it means we get to go through the fast track entrance. Not particularly necessary on a muggy day in September, but essential during the summer holidays.

We took a stroll down Regent’s Canal to get there, starting from Granary Square (see Saturday’s blog Sweet William) and came off at Primrose Hill. Once in the zoo we went straight into the butterfly enclosure. I love it as they always land on my buggy! We had to check ourselves when we came out for hitch hikers!!

We then went onto the tigers. Daddy tiger was in a BAD mood. He roared a lot at his kids. Loads of people screamed. I wasn’t scared though. Having spent months as a tiger myself (see my another day, another costume post) I am down with the cats!

Next up was the aquarium. I love the lights and the tropical colours.


Finally, we went to see the gorillas. The daddy was eating. He’s apparently called a silverback and can be very ferocious. However, he wasn’t scary today. He was just like the Big D and went for a nap after lunch!


We’re off to the Sofitel hotel at Gatwick airport now, to spend the night before our flight to Moscow. I’ll let you know how it is in the morning. See you tomorrow!

Sweet William

Yesterday I went to meet my new friend William, he is only 13 days old and very, very small. I don’t think I was ever that little. He was very sleepy and didn’t want to play much but I reckon in a few months time we’ll have ace fun playing trains.

We were at Caravan on Granary Square, behinds Kings Cross Station. The guys at the restaurant were amazing. They gave us a table (we sat at the big table in the middle) with room enough for two buggies and offered me a high chair. They also picked up all my toys when I threw them on the floor. The food looked really good too. I was allowed a little bit of the garlic and rosemary flatbread. I can confirm it was yummy.

Uncle Charlie (William’s Big D) told me all about the history of Granary Square. Apparently where the fountains are now was a canal basin to bring in all the goods, for example the building stuff for the railways. Pretty cool huh!