Home sweet home

Home again. And we’ve had a busy few days.

First day back we went to Lyme Regis for the IOA’s (institute of archaeology) 15 year reunion. We missed the main event being in HK but managed to catch the tail end of it. It was nice to meet some of the big M & D’s old classmates, who were all bemoaning how old they’d got).

On Wednesday Uncle Eddy, who was over for the reunion, came to stay. I like him. He’s fun! On Thursday the Big M went to London so I spent the day with Big Ed (his uni nickname) and the Big D. We went for lunch on Ham Hill and I got to have a run around. Hooray!


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

On Friday we went to the beach as it was a lovely sunny day. The big M wanted to go paddling but decided it was still a bit too cold. I think I agree. We wandered round Lyme Bay, which is on the Jurassic coast, taking in the historic Cobb harbour and beaches. It was very pretty. Although judging by this photo you wouldn’t know! It looks cold and miserable and I don’t look much happier!!!!


On the way home we stopped into see Toby a university friend of the big m and d. He’s just bought a b&b over looking the bay and is currently renovating it. When we got there the front wall was missing. They’ve got guests coming on 3rd April – no pressure!