Strike a pose

Woke up quite late this morning as a result of having a relatively late night. We were in the pool until 8.30pm watching the Victoria Harbour light show – way past my normal bedtime (ssshhhh don’t tell anyone).

After a hearty breakfast we made our way via the MRT (tube) using our Octopus card (same as an Oyster card) to the end of the orange line. This is where you catch a cable car to take you to the Big Buddha statue near the Po Lin monastery at Ngong Ping. We were in a crystal car, which is a carriage with a glass bottom for 360 degree views – super high and scary! I loved it!!

When we arrived at the top there was a picture of Tai O fishing village (we’re probably going there later in the week). You can stand in the picture and take a photo so it looks like you are there. I think I made a great model as people kept hugging me and taking my photo – I should have charged them!

We then climbed the 258 steps up to the big Buddha which was cast from bronze and erected in 1986.

At the top I was treated to an ice cream. I think I ended up wearing most of it! Again people kept snapping my photo. I felt like quite the celebrity!

Tomorrow we’re going to explore Hong Kong island. I’m most looking forward to the star ferry.


Because I am living in a material world

Madonna was on to something … who knew a fabric shop could be so much fun?

Frank Orsen, my teddy bear, and I escorted the Big M to her favourite shop in Tooting (maybe even her favourite shop in London, if not, the world) – the Sewing and Craft Superstore on Balham High Street.


It has every conceivable type of fabric and crafty stuff from tulle to tartan and buckram to bias binding.

Frank and I loved feeling all the different textures. It was like a real life Touchy-Feely Play Book. Our best bit was playing with the velvets and netting! Well that and burying myself in the remnants bucket.

The staff are all really nice and made a big fuss of me. The shop also has wide enough aisles for the buggy, which is unusual in haberdasheries.