A visiting we will go

The past few days have been a whirlwind of visits.

Yesterday we drove to Nether Wallop, near Andover.
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It’s the archetypical English village. Absolutely beautiful with thatch galore and babbling brooks. We had a lovely lunch with Emma, who is working with the Big D. Thank you so much for putting on such a lovely spread!!! My godparents were also there. It was fab to catch up with them. Haven’t seen them since our exodus from London.

And then today we went to see Mike and Jane in the village. They left us a moving in card a few days ago, so we popped round to say thank you. We received a really warm welcome and stayed for a natter, some crisps and a drink. I was on my very best behaviour and at my most charming! I’m sure we’ll be invited back!!!<


I attended my first Playgroup today and made my first friends in the village.

Everyone else was much bigger than me, but they still let me join in.

We played a lot. I really liked the big spongy blocks. I also attended my first tea party and then we had a sing song. I learnt some new songs including one about space rockets and whoooooshing!

Looking forward to next week already!