Raining cats and dogs

When it rains in Ibiza, it tends to pour. And yesterday was one of those days. The weather scuppered our plans of going to Aquagames, the newly opened water slide park at The Seaview Hotel in Port des Torrent. Instead we stayed in and played (with) granny’s records… Top of the Pops ’79, Chart Wars ’74 and of course the Jazz Singer.

The rain cleared in time to go out for supper, so we had a quick drink at Es Pueto, a beach bar literally in the sea. The Big D and my godfather didn’t want to get their feet wet, so sat on higher ground. Then we had supper at The Casita (@casitalibiza), one of granny and The Big D’s favourites. As always the food looked, and judging by the empty plates, tasted yummy. Strictly speaking I should have been asleep, but I decided to join the party. And we even got home in time to watch the first episode of The Apprentice, whereupon everyone shouted at the ineptitude of the candidates. Except me. I laughed. Then I finally deigned to go to sleep.