Kowloon krazy!

For the first time I hit the mean streets of Kowloon. What an experience – I was offered tailored suits and knock off Rolexes by the dozen. I saw bambo scaffolding poles and loads of neon signs.

We stopped for lunch at an m&d old fave, Spring Deer where we had green tea, shredded beef, pickled cabbage and shredded scallop with bambo shoots.

Next up was Kowloon park. We found an awesome playground. If only the ones at home were as cool. I ran around playing with some new friends for ages and went on everyone of the 10 slides multiple times.

And after all that excitement it all got a bit much so I had a power nap. It’s been a while since I was in the sling, but needs must.

Girl power (!)

The big D went to London so the Big M and I took advantage of the sunny day and went to the playground. We made some nice new friends – Casey and Bella – and I learnt how to climb up the slide. A very useful new talent.

I was also, yet again, accused of being a girl. I just give up. Short of shaving my head there’s not much I can do. Its getting quite annoying now!