Splish splash

It’s raining its pouring and the flood water is soaring!

Yesterday when we got home from London we drove through a massive flood just off the 303 and our field was pretty much under water – nothing serious though – so far!

We decided to go high to see how much of our local environment was under water so went up Ham Hill. As it turns out it’s just localised flooding at the moment and when we got home again you wouldn’t have known that the field had been waterlogged just a few hous before.

The best thing about Ham Hill was the puddles. Have wellies will splash!

A knight’s tale

We ventured out yesterday in the torrential rain and howling gale to visit yet another NT property – something to do with my cultural education.

We found ourselves at Knightshayes an estate just outside Tiverton in Devon. Despite the weather it was beautiful. A rolling view with ancient oaks which must look spectacular on a sunny day, a gorgeous house which had already been decked out for Christmas with a towering tree, oodles of presents and miles of greenery festooning every available surface. The kitchen walled garden also looked a treat but we didn’t quite get there due to the driving rain – however we had such a nice, albeit short, time we’ll deffo be back in the future. Here’s the most uninspiring photo of the car park in the rain which marked our trip!