Fact of the day

Did you know that Russian Dolls are only 110 years old and actually originate in Japan? Called Matryoshka, the first Russian set of figurines was carved by Anatoliy Mamontov and was based on an oriental toy. They were then displayed in Paris at the Exposition Universelle and became an instant hit and are now synonymous with Russia.

Interesting, huh!


Breakfast with Donald Duck

Yesterday I sat and ate my breakfast watching Donald Duck and Chip and Dale, whilst the business contingent of the Intercontinental Moscow missed out on their CNBC fix, and if I may say so, looked all the better for it!

I have been spoilt rotten over the past three days by the hotel. I have been entertained constantly, lavished with presents including a rubber duck, 2 boxes of macrons, a cake and a nest of Russian dolls. I’ve had the run of the Club Lounge, have had food not on the menu cooked to order and even played with some Russian dolls that turned out to be quite valuable as they had all been decorated and signed by Russian celebrities!


Our room on the 11th floor was fantastic. My cot was a laundry caddy and was therefore spacious and comfy and even better it was on wheels, so I could be rocked to sleep. As you know from an earlier post (watching TV in the bath) I was able to catch up on the day’s cartoons whilst soaking in the tub. And our view was pretty amazing too. I would eat my supper sitting on the window seat watching the cars below.

Asides from being really well looked after the hotel also has the coolest stairs I’ve ever seen, which in my book makes it well worth a stay.