Oh Stowe Good

Happy belated New Year!!!

I spent the end of 2015 and the start of ’16 at my grandparents. On New Year’s Day we went for a ‘walk’ at Stowe. As well as the school it’s an enormous estate complete with sunken gardens, lakes and loads of monuments.

It is so big that we hired a buggy due to the big M having a baby in her tummy. It was well fun! I got to drive a little bit (shhhh don’t tell the national trust man). It meant that we got to see a large chunk of the gardens and be home in time for lunch!



Education, Education, Education

Tony Blair and his 3Rs and threefold education wasn’t a patch on us today. We visited three educational establishments and sorted out my learning future until 13.

I start my new nursury on Monday, which is hugely exciting. It looks fab. Its in a house in Crewkerne which looks very much like our old one in London. However, its been turned over entirely to the enjoyment of us kids. Chalkboards as inserts in the fireplaces, bouncy matting on concrete floor in the garden, sand pits in the window seats, to name just a few of the cool conversions. I will be going all day Monday, and afternoons on Wednesday and Friday. I was rather hoping that I would be allowed to stay today, but sadly not. I was dragged away from all the toys. It looks like we’ve also got skool sorted too, starting January 2017. Now that’s forward planning!

My first day at school

I was very grown up this morning and went to my  first session at nursery school. I was very brave and didn’t even wimper when the big M dropped me off. Although I was a little bit clingy. But it was frightening seeing lots of other big girls and boys. They were very friendly though and gave me some toys to play with. It all got a bit much and I had to go and have a nap.

When the big M came to collect me, I didn’t want to leave. She almost didn’t recognise me as I’d had my hair styled into a very neat side parting, I looked quite the scholar!