Wilfred the fire boy

It’s the weekend and that means yet another National Trust property. Today we visited Shute Barton, and were very fortunate to do so since it only opens once every 100 years or so (well 3 weekends a year) as its predominately a posh holiday let.

It has the largest fireplace in England – 22 foot wide- bigger than the one at Hampton Court. Fire boys apparently would have lived in it ensuring that it was always stoked – here I am in the fireplace pretending to be a fire boy

 For some reason you have to go on a guided tour around the house which lasts for 45 mins. I got REALLY bored and consequently didn’t get much past the kitchen. We had a very quick peek at the bedrooms but then went to play in the garden.  It’s probably a really nice place to stay but I prefer the houses and gardens you can wander around at your leisure.