Silver linings

To quote Mercutio from Romeo and Puke ‘a pox on both your houses’. Well there’s certainly a pox on our house today as I’ve been sent home from nursery with the chicken variety.

Not a happy bunny. Although I’ve discovered that I seem to be allowed ice pops (my favourite food) on tap – every cloud has a silver lining!

Spotty man

 Oh no! I’ve got HFMD – hand, foot and mouth disease.

I caught it from nursery and now have spotty feet –

 as yet only a few spots on my hands and none in my mouth.

Apparently it clears up on its own. But I’m feeling very sorry for myself. Mathilda feels sorry for me too.

A friend indeed 

I’ve come to the conclusion that making friends is detrimental to your health. Every time I get together with some chums I get sick. So that’s it I’ve decided to become a hermit.

Feeling very sorry for myself today. Have got a raging fever, sore throat and chesty cough. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.