To the manor born

Yesterday we made great use of both the fine weather and our National Trust membership by visiting a local property called Barrington Court.

I liked the higgledy piggledyness of the house and had ├╝ber fun sliding around the highly polished floors.

It has an interesting recent history having been the NT’s first major acquisition around the turn of the century (that’s a really long time ago!). However, it was fraught with money issues so the trust leased it to the Lyle family of the sugar fame and they renovated it completely. They also installed a very cool ‘thunder box’ in the bathroom. That was my other favourite bit.

In other news it’s my birthday in a week. I’m very excited as I saw my present (wrapped up) and it’s big….





I attended my first Playgroup today and made my first friends in the village.

Everyone else was much bigger than me, but they still let me join in.

We played a lot. I really liked the big spongy blocks. I also attended my first tea party and then we had a sing song. I learnt some new songs including one about space rockets and whoooooshing!

Looking forward to next week already!

Remembrance Hill

I’m up on Ham Hill near our house to see the war memorial and pay our respects.

It’s certainly a commemoration with a view.

We also passed the stone circle and quarry. Incidentally this is where the stone for our fireplaces came from.


Am looking forward to exploring all the paths. In the meantime, though, having a swift half before heading home to see if the water is working….


Escape to the country

So our escape to Somerset was a little bit fraught. First it took us almost 3 hours to get out of London. But once on the open road we did stop for a lovely lunch in Stockbridge (a detour off the A303 to avoid the half term traffic at Stonehenge – a route known by all good west countriers!), then we got lost as both the Big M and D’s phones ran out of battery and they had no map ( grandpa would be turning in his grave, an atlas is the first thing you put in the car). We eventually drove down our new drive at about 5.30. Instead of building my bed and organising stuff as was the plan, we decamped to the neighbours for a welcome drink… Or five! When we got home we had no heating, no water and no cot. Eventually my bed was constructed, but not without its dramas – we accidentally broke the door handle on the inside of the front door so we were locked in!!!!!
All fun and games. Welcome to Somerset!