On Sunday we went to the Nuffield Health gym in Yeovil on a free trial to try out the pool – mainly because the big M’s a wuss and thinks the Crewkerne and Yeovil leisure centre pools are too cold.

The main draw was the jacuzzi. The big m and I made a beeline for it pretty much immediately. And whilst not a patch on the ones in Hong Kong it was lovely and warm and bubbly. Just as we got settled and I was content catching the bubbles I was told I had to get out. Boo – apparently you have to be over 16 to use it. Rubbish rule! The pool was ok (and indeed significantly warmer than the aforementioned) but I don’t think we’ll be becoming members as all I wanted to do was swim in the jacuz! Never mind, only another 14 years to go.

One little wilfred went swimming one day

We’re off to Hong Kong in a few days so I decided I needed to polish up my swimming skills. Not quite as glamorous as the pools I will be gracing with my presence, we took a trip to Goldenstones pool in Yeovil. It was a touch chilly but that didn’t stop me. I was front crawling my way round the training pool for 45 minutes. It helped that they provided ducks and balls (probably my 2 favourite things) to play with.

Sports day

Its a sporty day today, hence why I’m sporting my rather natty trackie.

This morning I started with a few stretches and then moved onto a spot of trampolining. Next up, after my nap, was a game of ‘drop the ball off the landing’ with the big D.

After lunch (with the requisite food settling time) we went to Crewkerne Aqua for a swim. I floated using a woggle but would much rather have been in the big pool, rather than the learner pool. I kept making a run for it, but was thwarted at every turn.

And finally to finish up some furniture mountaineering. Almost time for bed. I think I’ll sleep well.