King of the swingers

I’ve become a member of the jungle VIP over the past few days as I’ve spent a large proportion of my time on swings.

On Thursday I swung on the cool dragon tyre swings at Montecute, followed by a quick turn on the swinging bench.

On Sunday I had a swing tastic day starting at the playground after church, followed by a swinging bench at Tintinhull garden and the all time king of swings – sitting on the big D’s shoulders while he swung!


Girl power (!)

The big D went to London so the Big M and I took advantage of the sunny day and went to the playground. We made some nice new friends – Casey and Bella – and I learnt how to climb up the slide. A very useful new talent.

I was also, yet again, accused of being a girl. I just give up. Short of shaving my head there’s not much I can do. Its getting quite annoying now!

Sleepy Hollow

Given the sunny weather we went for a turn around the park land at Montacute House. It’s a gorgeous estate and I rode my trike amongst the trees. The wind was biting but we wrapped up warm. Lots of other people had the same idea. We saw loads of dog walkers and pushchairs. In the summer it must get really busy. The best bit though were the tyre swings which have been cut out to look like horses. I’m still a bit too young, but I reckon I’ll be big enough in a few months time. Given the headless horseman anyone would think we were in Sleepy Hollow!