The high life

After another excellent night of sleeping (let’s hope I haven’t jinxed tonight) we ate brekkie in the club lounge surrounded by besuited delegates from the Hicap conference (I fitted right in!!!) and followed it up by a quick swim in the pools. We then made our way across Victoria Harbour via the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island.

Once at Central we caught a ding-ding (tram) for the bargain price of 40p for 2 adults to Times Square. I really enjoyed sitting on the top deck watching the world go by

And spying on the people sitting next to me  

We followed it up with our third mode of transport for the day – a quick trip on the MTR in order to take the funicular railway up The Peak  to the highest observation point in Hong Kong.

The view from the top was spectacular and we could see our hotel on the other side of the harbour in Kowloon.  If we had a telescope I reckon we could see our room!
 Again I caused quite a stir with people wanting to take my photo. Seriously considering staying here and joining a modelling agency! They all particularly liked me posing by this statue on the viewing platform.  
In the shopping centre  at the top of the peak there was a live, VR game of pacman and loads of promotional bits and pieces dotted around. As you can see I had buckets of fun playing with it all. Sadly I was too little to play the actual game – lucky for you ghosts!


I think we’re set for another busy one tomorrow as we’re venturing to Stanley and the beach – a first for the big M and D!

See you then x