The very squashed caterpillar

I partook in a spot of painting yesterday – here I am in my artist’s smock (it’s important to dress the part)  

However, whilst painting a heinous accident occurred. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, who had popped round to see what food we had, crawled by and I sat on him… Oh no! He’s now the Very Squashed Caterpillar


The very hungry caterpillar/Wilfred

Yesterday I was ravenous all day. I simply couldn’t get my hands on enough food – taking after my godmother (! Sorry aunt M). Look, here I am with a giant piece of melon

Prior to that I ate a banana, preceded by a massive bowl of pasta. I had my first ever bowl of cereal in the morning and an apple and a yogurt. I followed lunch with another yogurt and then my supper – vegetable balls and sweetcorn. I ate all of it.

Funnily enough today I haven’t been as hungry!