Choo choo

The big D’s away filming so GAS has come to stay in case the baby comes. So far no baby! But we’ve had lots of fun.

When the big D gets back from Wales he has got to do a lot of writing for the book to accompany the series. To help I’ve been mugging up on trains. I’ve watched a lot of Thomas the tank engine, I’ve played with my train sets and I’ve been to watch trains on the big screen

As you can see from the below photo I’ve even composed and played a score to accompany the train film in case the Big D needs such assistance – you can never be too prepared.

Christmas is coming

We’ve had a busy few days. We stayed the night at granny and Grandad’s on the way to London. Then we saw my godfather and went to collect other granny from the airport. We then had a night at home, followed by my nursery Christmas party where we sang and danced and ate biscuits.  And then we went galavanting again to my best friend’s house for fake Christmas. It was lovely with party poppers and everything. I also collected the eggs from the chickens and there were three!!

On the way home we stopped at the Sherborne Castke garden centre at the recommendation of my best friend’s mummy. It was fab!!! Everything was Christmassy. They had santa’s grotto, a gingerbread man’s house, a roaring fire, twinkly lights, baubles, animals, elves, animatronics and best of all an amazing train set. Choo choo!


Anyone for a spot of tennis?

The pox have scabbed over so we deemed it safe to escape the confines of the house. We went to Barrington as the big D wanted to look in their 2nd hand book shop for train books. He found loads.

It was good day to go. I got to make paper chains

Play with a model railway, make and throw paper aeroplanes and given the mildness of the weather play a game of tennis

And have a stroll round the grounds.

 It was crazy the daffodils are blooming and there was a spring like feel to the gardens. Apparently the warm weather has been a contributing factor in the significant rise of chicken pox cases this winter – my interesting fact of the day!