One of my new favourite pastimes is playing catch.

Yesterday I played catch with Mr Monkey where I threw him Henry the engine and he tried to catch it, but he wasn’t very good. Later on in the day the big D and I played catch with a ball. Then last night I had the best game of catch with the big M at bath time. I threw a pint glass of water for her to catch. She was very good and caught it all over her self!


Splish splash

It’s raining its pouring and the flood water is soaring!

Yesterday when we got home from London we drove through a massive flood just off the 303 and our field was pretty much under water – nothing serious though – so far!

We decided to go high to see how much of our local environment was under water so went up Ham Hill. As it turns out it’s just localised flooding at the moment and when we got home again you wouldn’t have known that the field had been waterlogged just a few hous before.

The best thing about Ham Hill was the puddles. Have wellies will splash!

Water is good for the skin

I’ve had a wonderful couple of days as granny and grandad have come to stay. I have never had so much playtime. They can definitely come more often!!!

We don’t have any water at the moment so I am being a spoiled baby and bathing in bottled water – get me! My complexion is radiant.

Grandad helped the big D make some rooms habitable so we now have a dining room and drawing room. He also took the carpet up in the hall to uncover some amazing tiles, which are so much better for my walker than carpet, so I am very happy.

Bath time now.