I take after the big M, already with a love for shoes. In a shop I’ll make a beeline for the shoe section and at home I’ll devote a few minutes a day to trying on the selection of shoes that I can find dotted round the house.

Imagine my joy, therefore, when presented with a new pair of boots… My old ones have got a bit small and even more exciting they’re exactly the same as the big D’s, only smaller.

Hats off

Given the sudden surge in temperature and the fact that I’m off to Ibiza again soon, I’ve been hat shopping in order to protect my noggin from the sun.

I think I look pretty natty… Hope you all do too!

Monk-ey-ing around

This afternoon we took a quick jaunt to Muchelney Abbey to make use of our English Heritage membership.

It’s a gorgeous place with some original tudor wall paintings and timber ceilings still in existence. But my favourite bits were the thatched monks loos, the only surviving example in the UK and dressing up as a monk. I think I look rather fetching.


Crocodile rock 

It’s a balmy 25 degrees in Ibiza so I’ve cracked open my summer wardrobe including a new pair of crocs.

These are my absolute new favourite shoes. I haven’t taken them off. Nor do I allow any one else to remove them. It’s soon bath time and I  considering wearing them for that too given that they’re waterproof!