The very squashed caterpillar

I partook in a spot of painting yesterday – here I am in my artist’s smock (it’s important to dress the part)  

However, whilst painting a heinous accident occurred. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, who had popped round to see what food we had, crawled by and I sat on him… Oh no! He’s now the Very Squashed Caterpillar


Am I bovvered?

Or to more cultural readers “Ou Phrontis” (am I bothered/why worry in Ancient Greek). I learnt this little motto today at Cloud Hill cottage near Bovington. It is etched above the door of Lawrence of Arabia’s front door.

He rented the derelict cottage and subsequently purchased the freehold in the 20s as a den to write in. He eventually moved in and renovated the downstairs to create a modest abode. He stayed there for the rest of his life until it was tragically cut short following a motorcycle accident. He entertained famous people like Thomas Hardy and George Bernard Shaw feeding them a blend of tea he made himself and picnic food. Today the national trust keeps this tradition by offering tinned olives, baked beans and snacks in return for donations. The big D tried a cup of tea. The big m wasn’t so brave!

It’s a cute little place and well worth a trip if in the area. I liked the bathroom the best. He installed the luxuries (a bath, shaving mirror, book stand) but not a loo! Nutter.

Ducks galore

I’ve had an amazing few days as my cousin Layla has come to stay – a playmate on tap! We’ve bounced on the trampoline, played in the ball pit, built towers, read books, coloured in, chased each other, played catch and all manner of other activities.

Today we went on an adventure to Weymouth Sealife centre (as the big M had half price tickets). We saw Rays and sharks and starfish and piranhas and sea horses and turtles (including the snake necked turtle) and penguins and otters and seals and fish and lot and lots and lots of ducks (clearly my favourite bit)


If you go down to the woods today…

… You’re sure of a big surprise.

Yesterday I went to my first teddy bear’s picnic. It was held at nursery in aid of The Crackerjack Children’s Trust.

I took Mr Monkey along. He very much enjoyed meeting all the other teddies. He ate loads. I decorated a paper plate for him. It looked lovely. He was a very lucky monkey, indeed.

Duck tastic 

Today was a day filled with ducks, making it an A+++ day in my book. The big M and D have a uni friend staying (who can deffo come again as he is very good at blowing bubbles for me to pop) so we went on a jaunt to the UK’s smallest city, Wells. Around the Bishops palace is a moat chockablock full of ducks (bear in mind to me a duck is anything with wings).

Here I am finding my first ducks of the day

  Then I peered through a window in the old potato store and saw loads of proper, real ducks … This was truly a highlight. I spent a lot of time here 
And then we went to aEdit  reclaimation yard and found this ENORMOUS duck

So many ducks, so little time


Mega slide 

At the weekend we visited the Mid-Somerset show, a free agricultural event on the outskirts of Shepton Mallet (famed for its brewing of Babycham).

At the show was a monster slide. I love slides but sadly I wasn’t allowed on this one (not tall enough) no matter how many times I looked beseechingly at the man and tried to dodge his legs.

Gallopy, gallopy, gallopy

this week’s theme seems be transport. On Monday I blogged about my new car, today I’m on horseback (and apparently I only have one set of clothes, judging by this photo and the last one!)

This is Pedro, the new ‘pet’ of my best friend’s parents. They’ve got him for the imminent arrival of their new grandchild, but I thought only prudent to break him in. I loved him. I was very good at galloping. Can’t wait for the best time we go for lunch!!!