Happy Easter everyone!

Today was super fun. I went on my first ever egg hunt… It was delayed from yesterday as the big m and d didn’t want to ruin my lunch – as I had already found an Easter egg or two to scoff in the morning.

The Easter bunny had laid a trail of eggs all through the house culminating in my bedroom. I was given a basket to collect them all.  There were loads.

Sadly I’m only allowed one a day after supper, but I did manage to pilfer a few for today… After all what are bank holidays made for other than to eat chocolate?


Les moules

I’m thinking of accompanying the big d to Waterloo when he next goes since I’ve developed a keen taste for one of their eponymous foods – mussels. Here I am stealing all of the big M’s. I allowed her one.


Sloe going

The title’s a bit of a misnomer as this time when we went sloe hunting (unlike our last attempt) we found a bountiful supply. Just round the corner from the house – typical! 

I was instrumental in the harvesting – both in the picking…

 And in the collecting and carrying …

 Sadly I wasn’t allowed to take part in the final processing of the sloes as it involved buckets of gin – I’ll just have to wait for 16 years!!

Travelling etiquette 

One of the first guide books said that when on one’s holidays it is imperative to mix one’s down time with cultural pursuits. Consequently, we went for lunch in Eivissa, the main town in Ibiza.

After a spectacular lunch of beef carpaccio, salmon tartare and prawns in garlic oil we ventured up hill into the old town, Dalt Villa; to enjoy the view: the perfect blend of relaxing and sightseeing!


Day of the biscuits

In Hong Kong the locals had the proclivity to take my photo – in Ibiza instead of a preoccupation with portraiture it seems there is an obsession with biscuit feeding.

Yesterday I was given an inordinate number of biscuits to munch on throughout the day.

At breakfast time I shared some digestives with Sampson and Fe-Fe, then for 11sies gran-gran gave me her biscuit that came with her coffee, as did the big d. After lunch we met two ladies sitting on a bench and they gave me a couple of their special biscuits.
 Then walking home on the beach we met a Spanish lady with her two children. I spent some time playing with the younger boy and his mum let me have one of his biscuits.

Once at home I raided the biscuit tin and managed to steal a couple before anyone noticed!

It was ok though as I still ate all of my supper.

Pumpkin pie

In advance of Halloween tomorrow the big D and I spent a happy hour carving our pumpkin. As you can see it’s a spectacular specimen! Super scary!!!

I was very careful to scrape out as much if the flesh as possible, so I think tomorrow’s job will be making a pumpkin pie!

Salad days

We cooked up a yummy lunch today – I enjoyed it so much I had to lick the bowl (which I realise is bad manners but I saw it on an ad for Wagamamas so it must be ok)

I’m not sure what was in it but the big M and D refered to it as D.U.C.K. salad Whatever this D.U.C.K is, it’s scrumptious!

Wasabi peanuts

I’ve discovered I share the big M’s love of wasabi peanuts. However, I have a unique way of eating them.

1. Put peanut in mouth

2. Wait for the burn

3. Spit peanut out into hand

4. Run round the room with my tongue out

5. Put peanut back in mouth

6. Chew

7. Swallow

8. Repeat with fresh nut.